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Cancellation, Freeze and Transfer Policies

Do I qualify for cancellation?

All fitness memberships are NON-REFUNDABLE. In order to cancel your membership you must qualify for one of the following:

  1. The one-year time commitment on your contract must be completed.
  2. Or, you must produce 2 change-of-address forms, proving you are moving out of the Saskatoon area.

If neither of the above conditions apply members are required to complete the length of the contract.

You may transfer the remaining months of your one-year contract to another eligible person. Transfer Administration Fees will apply to the new member.  Please see our Transfer Policies for further information.

All cancellations require completion of a cancellation form.

All cancellations require notice by the 15th day of the month to not incur the following month EFT payment.

Annual memberships that have been paid in full are not eligible to receive a refund. You may transfer your annual membership (administration transfer fees may apply).

All cancellations require a cancellation form to be completed in person.

Freeze Insurance Policy:

During those times when you are unable to attend the gym for whatever reason, all one year memberships have freeze insurance.

  1. We require notice by the 15th of the month for the freeze period to commence the following month.
  2. A membership freeze may be used up to a total of 4 months for the year of the contract.
  3. Contracts will be extended by number of months held.
  4. May be used a maximum of twice during the term of the contract to an accumulated total of four months.
  5. Pre-authorized one year contract holders are required to pay $12.00/month plus tax for every month your membership is on hold. Payment for the entire freeze period is due at the time of notification.
  6. Can only be applied from the start to end of a whole calendar month.
  7. Restricts the member from accessing the gym during the freeze.
  8. Extends the length of the one year contract equal to the duration of your freeze.
  9. All Freeze applications require completion of a Freeze application form.
  10. Once a member’s Freeze period has been completed, regular membership rates will continue to be charged.
  11. MEDICAL FREEZE: If you are unable to participate in fitness activities due to medical reasons you may freeze your membership for up to three months at no cost. Medical Freeze Insurance will only be processed if accompanied with a letter stating you cannot participate in fitness activities from your doctor.

Transfer Policy:

Fitness on 25th allows one-year contract holders the ability to transfer your membership.

  1. Transfers only apply to one-year contract holders.
  2. The person who is receiving the transferred membership is required to pay a Transfer Administration Fee.
  3. A membership may be transferred once per contract period.
  4. Senior and student memberships cannot be transferred to an adult at the senior or student rate.
  5. Group/corporate contracts can only be transferred to eligible and approved individuals from the given group or corporate entity.