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Group Fitness

A Fitness on 25th membership gives you access to take any of the group fitness classes that you want. We have qualified instructors who give you a good workout but also make the classes enjoyable. All classes are drop in with no preregistration required.

We encourage our members to try any class. To help guide you to what may be right for you review our Class Level Guide below. The best way to find out what is right for you is to drop by and attend.

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Mild Challenge Level Classes:

Mild Challenge Level classes are, by design, intended to offer a mild strength and conditioning experience. These classes are ideal for the person with limited or no experience in health, wellness & fitness programs.  Individuals rehabbing major joint surgery such as knee and hip replacements will find these classes beneficial. Cardiovascular requirements for these classes are very light.

  • Bonefit: A series of strength training exercises in a chair, using exercise tubing. Stretch Class A half hour of full body stretching instructed by Certified Personal Trainers (CPT).
  • Senior Weight Room: Senior WR (Weight Room) offers our older members a chance to learn about weight resistance movements and exercises. You will learn how to get the most from a visit to the weight room. Improve your understanding of the benefits of using resistance machines as well as the functional benefits of free weights.
  • Stretch Class: Almost all of us can improve our flexibility. Our Stetch class helps you do that with a half hour of full body stretching instructed by Certified Personal Trainers (CPT). Muscle flexibility and joint mobility will be improved by attending this class.


Moderate Challenge Level Classes:

Our Moderate level classes will increase the cardiovascular effort required while still offering complete scalability on the strength side. Moderate level classes are idea for someone who wants a mid-level cardio experience with individualized strength and mobility development.

  • AM Energizer: A non-stop class with creative choreography which is sure to raise your heart rate and keep you alert and interested. Great music and great moves.
  • Core Plus: A half hour Hardcore Core workout that uses a variety of equipment to blast the ABS and is Instructed by Certified Personal Trainers (CPT).


Scale-able Intensity Level Classes:

Scale-able Intensity means the participant will experience a class requiring a high energy output with the option to scale to a more moderate level. You want a high intensity experience you can get it. You want to hold back and keep your workout moderate you can do that too. Its up to you.

  • Y-Fit Functional Fitness: Our Y-Fit classes combine the best aspects of strength and metabolic conditioning with a focus on functional fitness. What are we trying to achieve with functional fitness? To help you to be better prepared for an active lifestyle. These classes concentrate on having a large variety of exercises and movements so each class is unique. No boredom allowed!
  • Power Sculpt: This is a free-style strength training class including exercises to target all the major muscle groups. Bring your energy and motivation for this class that will be sure to leave you feeling energized. All ages and fitness levels welcome.
  • Boot Camp: Heart-pumping cardio drills combined with strengthening exercises using a variety of equipment. Be prepared to sweat and challenge your body, all levels welcome.
  • Obstacle Course: Unique to the YWCA, this popular non-traditional class has been described as recess for adults! For our Obstacle Course classes we set the gymnasium with a challenging circuit of movements and exercises designed to provide a great balance of strength and cardiovascular challenges with basic gymnastic movements. Go around the circuit once as a warm up for your weight room workout. Or, go around three to five times for a full workout. It’s up to you to use the class the way you want. The circuit is always different so every course is fun (and challenging).
  • Yoga: These classes will bring increased strength and flexibility to the body coupled with deep relaxation and meditation. Importance is put on the five points of yoga; proper exercise, breathing, relaxation, diet, and thinking. Check our our expanded Yoga Class offerings with options prior to your workday, noon classes, an evening class and our popular Saturday morning class.
  • PiYo: Experience why strong is sexy in this pulse-pounding, body-sculpting workout! There’s nothing else like it. No weights. No jumps. No bulk. Just hardcore results. Equipment needed: yoga mat. Combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility of flowing yoga movements. You’ll even improve your balance and core power. We crank up the music, the speed, and the fun to give you an intense, low-impact workout that will burn crazy calories and sculpt every inch of your body for a long, lean, beautiful physique. Come take a class to define exactly how you want to look—and feel!


High Intensity Level:

These classes, by design, challenge the participant to have a intense cardiovascular experience. Scaling down is always an option but the class is designed for a hard workout.

  • H.I.I.T. 1 and 2: High Intensity Interval Training. This class offers a high intensity, low impact, full body workout. Formerly our Tabata class, this class is no longer encumbered by just following the Tabata 20 seconds on/10 seconds off format but retains an intense physical experience. Come prepared to have a very challenging, intense cardiovascular workout.